The ThreatSTOP Partner Portal is the application provided by ThreatSTOP to its partners to provision end-user accounts and the features that these accounts have access to.

This document provides a description and reference for the API of the Partner Portal.

This is not the API for managing the configuration of an end-user account. The ThreatSTOP Platform API (product configuration), is documented here.

The Partner Portal Application

The ThreatSTOP Partner Portal is a web application, reachable at https://partner-portal.threatstop.com.

The documentation of the web-based Partner portal is available here.

Access to the Partner Portal is provided to ThreatSTOP’s Partners to provision accounts according to the contractal terms defined in the ThreatSTOP Partner Agreement.

Provisioning of accounts and services can be done using the Web Application, as well as using the API described in this document, interchangeably.


The Partner Portal allows the creation of end-user accounts, which identify a company using ThreatSTOP’s products. The end-user accounts contain the policies, devices, custom lists, report settings, log data and other settings tied to the end-user.

The list of features that the end-user has access to is controlled by subscriptions that are provisionned using the Partner Portal. An account can have one or multiple subscriptions, which identify the list of SKUs the account has accessed to, and for which time period.

Important: Subscriptions must be created or deleted according to the terms of the Partner Agreement.

SKUs identify the list of features that a Partner can provision. The list of SKUs varies from partner to partner, and are defined during the Partner on-boarding process.

Once an account has been created and at least one subscription has been activated, it is possible (but not required) to use the ThreatSTOP Platform REST API to configure account settings. These are separate operations, using a different API endpoint and different API keys, although the design of both APIs is similar.

New accounts and new subscriptions, or alterations to accounts and subscriptions are reflected into the accounts and features available in the ThreatSTOP Platform with seconds.

It is possible to use the provisioning API only, leaving the account configuration up to the end user.

Note: It is also possible to create accounts manually using the self-sign up process and configure its settings without using the Partner Portal API. Please contact your ThreatSTOP representative if you are interested in this model to register users.

System Diagram